Talking about Packing Up for A Move

5 Expenses That May Add Up Your Local Moving Costs

Cost is undoubtedly one of the most critical elements of your move to discuss with your local movers. Come move day, you can expect an estimate after the movers have had a chance to assess what they will be working with.

Talk specifics with your local movers so you can avoid being caught unawares by what may otherwise seem like extra costs. These include the following:

Packing Service and Packing Supplies

Full-service local movers offer professional packing services at an additional cost. Find out whether or not the cost of the packing supplies is included in the quote for packing service. Ensure you don't skimp on these supplies as using anything but premier quality packing materials may make your items more susceptible to damage during the move.

Furniture Disassembling and Re-assembling Fee

Your local moving company may need to separate your bulky furniture pieces. This way, they can easily move through your doors and stairs or the elevators. Disassembling your furniture and re-assembling the pieces at your new location may attract an extra cost.

Hoisting Fee

With bulky furniture, the movers may need to hoist these items through your window or balcony. The same goes for any other items that are too big to fit through the doorways, stairs, or elevators, including large household appliances.

Moving Fee for Bulky Items

Moving pool tables, pianos, big metallic safes, hot tubs, and any other such bulky items can be quite challenging. For these oversized and cumbersome items, your local movers may charge you a little extra. This is in consideration that the moving company will need to bring in more movers to move each of these items.

Long Carry Fees

If the local movers cannot park the moving truck close enough to your doorstep, you may incur some long carry fees. The movers will have to carry your items a long way to get to the moving truck. In some cases, the movers may need to use smaller vans to move items from your home to the main moving truck. If this is the case, it is only expected that the long carry fees may be a little higher.

Professional local movers will ask to conduct an in-home survey. During the visit, the movers can assess your specific moving needs and the costs tied to these needs, and prepare a more accurate estimate that includes these and other costs, as may apply to your situation.

Contact local movers to learn more.