Talking about Packing Up for A Move

How To Prepare For A Long Distance Move

A long-distance move is something that requires careful planning, you will need to stay organized in order to keep everything on track. Once there will be hundreds or even thousands of miles of travel before you reach your new home, things can get complicated if you are not careful. You will need to be meticulous about keeping things in order. Here is how you can go about making sure that everything stays organized.

Create a Checklist

Creating a personal moving checklist is the best way to guide yourself through the entire process. Get a calendar and populate it with all the activities you have to do for the move. Prioritize those jobs that are of high importance.

Create an Inventory List

Creating an inventory list will keep you on track when you have to move long-distance. This is because items can get lost when you have to move them over far distances. Items may also become damaged. Having an inventory list is a great way to check off what made it to your destination and what didn't.

Use Apps

If the thought of creating lists by hand does not appeal to you, there is the option to go digital. Go digital with the help of moving apps, they will help to keep you organized and give you reminders about tasks when necessary.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Avoid carrying items you no longer need with you in a long-distance move. The best approach is to go through your items and decide what you want to keep and what you want to sell, donate or recycle. This should ideally be done before you create an inventory list. 

Your Furniture

Clothes, shoes, and other accessories are easy to move long-distance. However, furniture can prove more tedious and expensive to carry with you. In fact, the cheapest way to move long-distance is without furniture. The cost of your move is always calculated based on the weight of the shipment. Unless your furniture has sentimental value to you, it will probably work out cheaper to just sell your furniture and buy new ones when you get to your new home.

A successful long-distance move requires communication between you and your movers. Take a careful look at everything that you have to move and decide what is worth carrying with you. Remember to get a clear estimate from your moving company before you agree to a contract with them.

For additional tips, contact a local home moving service.