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3 Perks Of Renting A Small Moving Truck During A Short-Distance Move

You are moving from one house to another within the same city or possibly moving some belongings to a storage facility. You know you will need to rent a moving truck, but you are having a hard time deciding between a larger truck or a smaller one. Many people facing a move will naturally opt for a larger vehicle, but this is not always the best option. There can actually be some advantages to renting a smaller moving truck instead. Here is a quick look at some of those advantages of choosing a smaller truck for your move. 

The moving truck will not require as much fuel to use. 

A larger vehicle is naturally going to use more fuel than a smaller vehicle. Of course, if you are going to be making short trips and have multiple loads to haul, it may be more economic where fuel usage is concerned to use a larger vehicle. However, if you are fairly certain a smaller truck will suffice and you are concerned about how much fuel you will have to buy, it may be best to stick with a smaller vehicle. 

You may be better able to organize your moved items. 

Large moving trucks are pretty great because they allow you to haul more at one time, but this may not be something you really want to do. Some movers prefer to move a small load at a time so they can be certain everything is organized in an orderly fashion and easier to unload when they get to the destination. For example, if you have rented a series of small storage units to divvy out the belongings of an estate according to the heir that will be picking those items up, it may be best to have a smaller truck so you can organize each load adequately. 

Smaller trucks are easier to drive. 

If you have only ever driven a regular passenger vehicle, driving a moving truck can be a little intimidating. Some of these vehicles are quite large, and they can be hard to get used to driving if you have no experience. If you are going to be making short trips through highly populated areas with a lot of traffic, it may be best to rent a smaller truck simply because it will be easier for you to drive. 

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